Stem cells hair treatment for hair restoration

The only clinic in Romania that offers this revolutionary hair regrowth treatment

The revolutionary hair stem cells treatment procedure helps to increase vascularization at the capillary level, improving the quality of the hairs, but especially in the survival of the transplanted hair follicles.

Harvesting and extracting stem cells

The first step is the harvesting of the fatty cells, among which are the stem cells already programmed for vascular transformation, and in the next steps we will separate and implant them in the necessary areas.

The procedure consists of anesthesia at the cannula entry site and the collection of fat cells about 1.5 cm deep from the tegument, an area known for the large amount of existing stem cells. After harvesting the fat cells, we separate stem cells from the fat cells through a centrifugal mechanical action .

Stem cell implantation

Stem cell implantation is done with 27 gauge needles, at a depth of 0.7 cm to a maximum of 1 cm, which are to be transformed into blood vessels.

The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes, does not require a prior preparation of the patient, and the recovery is instantaneous.

Indications for stem cell treatment

Stem cells therapy is indicated to the pathological patient , and those with androgenetic alopecia. In our clinic we’ve treated pro-bono patients from the Colectiv fire in Romania. This revolutionary  treatment with stem cells improves the vascularization under the grafted areas of the skin at the scalp, thus improving the quality of the hair, but also the survival of the implanted hairs.

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