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✅ Over 14 years of experience in advanced FUE!
✅ The first clinic in the world to successfully perform hair implants on skin grafts
✅ The first clinic in the world that successfully performed hair transplantation between two compatible patients
✅ Active members of ISHRS and FUE Europe for 10 years
✅ Lecturers and speakers at the most prestigious hair transplant congresses

Best FUE hair transplant results in Europe

At Dr. Felix Hair Implant, all stages of hair transplantation, namely, anesthesia, extraction and implantation of hair grafts, are very carefully done EXCLUSIVELY by HIGHLY TRAINED FUE SURGEONS ensuring the best hair transplant results!

Our Quality FUE is a technique developed and improved in Romania and represents the best painless solution in hair restoration, obtaining the best results without scars and stitches. Besides the intervention itself, we use pre and post intervention procedures, that ensure highest standards.

* Results may vary from patient to patient.

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